Grafica gradiente vini contini
Muro Legno

Vine training

Mature bush vines, espalier (Guyot and spurred cordon).

Grape yield per hectare

30/40 quintals.


Vernaccia obtained partly from raisined grapes, partly from grapes harvested and vinified traditionally, off the skins, with soft pressing and fermentation at a controlled temperature.


The raisined part matures in steel, while the remainder matures in oak and chestnut barrels, which are not filled to allow the development of the characteristic veil of flor yeast, which generates the unmistakable perfume of Vernaccia di Oristano, followed by a few months in the bottle.


Brilliant, amber-coloured with golden reflections.

Serving temperature

Serve at 12°/14°C.

Tasting Notes

Sweet and smooth come together in a perfect balance with freshness and flavour, long intense aromatic persistence and complete harmony.


A broad array of honey and apricot scents, sultanas, almond and hazelnuts blend in a white chocolate finish.


A perfect partner for typical Sardinian pastries and blue cheeses, or try with mango cheesecake with a light grating of cured mullet roe.


Early October