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Labour of love

Allowing Sardinia into your heart comes instinctively and spontaneously for everyone. Taking care of our land day after day, working it with care, is a labour of love that we in the Contini family have honoured for four generations. 

The sunshine of Sinis

The Sinis region

A sun that illuminates and warms the wonderful peninsula of Sinis, an extraordinary place where nature seems to have lavished all of its beauty. Kilometres of coastline with crystal clear waters frame a territory that preserves the precious archaeological heritage of Tharros, and encompasses stunning white beaches such as San Giovanni di Sinis, Mari Ermi, Is Arutas as well as the island of Mal di Ventre, from which our Maluentu wine takes its name.


Our Winery Our winery is located in Cabras, a town that began to emerge following the Barbary raids that threatened the nearby Roman city of Tharros. Its past is relived today through evocative rites, such as the barefoot run that evokes the safeguarding of the statue of San Salvatore from the invading Moors. Fishing has always been a feature of life in Cabras. The “fassone”, a typical boat constructed from bullrushes (“su feu” in the Sardinian language), and used by fishermen up to the 1970s, has become the symbol of the Contini brand.

Stagno Cabras Contini Vini Contini Cantina
Foto Storiche Fassone Cabras

The Mystery of “I Giganti”

Foto Giganti Mont'e Prama

Among the jewels sparkling under the sun of Sinis is the archaeological area of Mont’e Prama. The site, discovered by chance in March 1974, and still undergoing excavations, has become one of the most significant and popular in all of Sardinia. Along with the complex necropolis, archaeological investigations have unearthed large statues, which have been named “I Giganti”, or the giants. In the Contini family we have paid tribute to them through the dedicated line of I Giganti wines.

The Sartiglia

Contini 1898 has dedicated a line of wines to the Sartiglia of Oristano. The Sartiglia is an ancient and enthralling equestrian spectacle that plays a central role in the carnival celebrations in Oristano. Galloping horsemen and women, masked and led by Su Componidori, must use their swords to spear a star-shaped target suspended by a thread. After jousting for the star, the event continues with the much-awaited Pariglie, acrobatic performances by riders on horseback. The wines in this line are Sartiglia and Pariglia.

Pariglia vino contini
Mappa di Vigneti in Sardegna della cantina Contini 1898

The vineyard

The vineyard

Mappa Vigneti Contini

The vineyards used for our wines occupy an area of more than 200 hectares. About 100 hectares are located in the Sinis peninsula, in the Tirso valley and on the slopes of Monte Arci. The remainder are distributed across other areas of Sardinia, each of which has unique and functional pedoclimatic characteristics to ensure the best possible grapes are cultivated.

The heart of the Contini 1898 vineyards is situated, for historical reasons, in the Sinis region, more precisely in the lower valley of the river Tirso. The soil here is composed of pebbles and clays with silty and sandy sediments. The climate brings mild winters and hot and humid summers, ventilated by the mistral wind that blows from the sea over the land. These characteristics have created the perfect conditions for the cultivation of Vernaccia and Nieddera grapes.

The Tirso Valley, located in western Sardinia, is home to the Contini family vineyards, which cover an area of more than 100 hectares. The soil is characterised by pebbles, clays, and silty and sandy sediments. The climate, with mild winters and hot and humid summers, accompanied by the mistral wind, makes for ideal conditions for the Vernaccia and Nieddera grapes, producing exceptional and inimitable wines.

A significant portion of the vineyards is located in the hinterland of the Gulf of Oristano, on the slopes of Monte Arci (Monte Arci and Terre di Ossidiana). In this environment, characterised by very hot and dry summers, and mild but rainy winters, we mainly grow our Vermentino and Cannonau grapes. The soil of this region, of volcanic origin, is truly singular due to the considerable presence of obsidian.

Several hectares of granite soils in northern Sardinia are dedicated to the production of Vermentino di Gallura DOCG grapes, which produce wines with a particular minerality.

A vineyard located in the north-western area of the island, on white earth, cultivated according to a sustainable development model, based on the principles of environmental protection and valorisation of natural resources.

Several hectares dedicated to our Cannonau Cru. These granite soils are located at about 600 metres above sea level, and give the wine elegance and finesse, with an unmistakable aroma.

Cabras, where our long history began.

Foto stagno di Cabras Sardegna Cantina Contini
Cantina Contini vini Cabras

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