grafica antico gregori
grafica antico gregori

Vine training

Mature bush vines, espalier (Guyot and spurred cordon).

Grape yield per hectare

30/40 quintals.


Traditional, off the skins, with soft pressing and fermentation at a controlled temperature.


Antico Gregori is produced only from the best vintages of Vernaccia, those considered excellent. The 1979 vintage base was topped up for a few years with small percentages of younger Vernaccia, in order to revive the flor yeast, using a method similar to Solera. Following a very long oxidative ageing, it was then completed with the addition of small quantities of very old Vernaccia, with a base dating back to the early part of the last century.


Shining topaz with amber reflections.

Serving temperature

Serve at 13/14°C in a large glass.

Tasting Notes

Enveloping and warm, surprising freshness and flavour in wonderful balance, supported by a very long finish, excellent harmony of aroma and taste.


Nose of great breadth and complexity, deep notes of hazelnuts and honey, walnut husk and custard. Closing with touches of salted peanut and fig.


Excellent with cured mullet roe dishes, try with bottarino cheese with spicy fig jam. A wonderful wine to simply savour on its own, accompanied by great conversation.